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Summary of Contracts Awarded 2020

Title Contractor / Supplier Contract Amount Contract / P.O. No. Date
1 Repair and Renovation of the Office of RCMG RAIK Construction and Supply 2,650,528.12 BOC-INFRA-2020-05 Date of Project: 17-Dec-2020
2 Repair and Renovation of the Bureau of Customs Operations Center Alibuilt Construction and Services 3,560,981.95 BOC-INFRA-2020-02 Date of Project: 19-Oct-2020
3 Supply and Delivery of Furniture and Fixtures at the Pre-Fabricated Office and Warehouse Peniton Trading 3,340,800.00 BOC-GOODS-2020-02 Date of Project: 01-Sept-2020
4 Supply and Delivery of CX522ADE Toners Doña Alejandra Inc. 2,245,205.00 BOC-GOODS-2020-08 Date of Project: 29-Dec-2020
5 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 350KVA Generator Set with 630AT Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) of Pre-Fabricated Warehouse and Offices of Port of Manila Licht Industrial Corporation 1,850,000.00 BOC-GOODS-2020-09 Date of Project: 29-Dec-2020
6 Supply and Delivery of Furniture and Fixtures S&E Solutions Inc. Php962,990.00 BOC-GOODS-2020-03 Date of Project: 01-Sept-2020
7 Supply and Delivery of Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Petron Corporation Php15,617,722.87 BOC-GOODS-2020-06 Date of Project: 21-Oct-2020
8 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Equipment for BOC Command Center System Annex Digital Inc. Php8,998,393.40 BOC-GOODS-2020-07 Date of Project: 01-Dec-2020
9 Provision of Security Services for Bureau of Customs-Port of Manila Greatstar Security Services Inc. Php1,681,423.44 BOC-GOODS-2020-02 Date of Project: 04-Nov-2020
10 Renovation of the Customer Care Center of the Port of NAIA RAIK Construction and Supply Php1,609,211.63 BOC-INFRA-2020-01 Date of Project: 21-Oct-2020
11 Repair and Renovation of the Office of Budget Division RAIK Construction and Supply Php2,430,484.87 BOC-INFRA-2020-04 Date of Project: 17-Dec-2020
12 Supply and Delivery of BOC Office Uniforms Santoyo Clothline Creation Php8,645,892.00 BOC-GOODS-2020-05 Date of Project: 11-Nov-2020
13 Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies AE Samonte Merchandise 293,905.00 12/12/2020 Date of Project: 22-Dec-2020
14 Supply and Delivery of Boltless Steel File Rack Rhemtronics Corporation Php 157,500.00 11/19/2020 Date of Project: 14-Dec-2020
15 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Window Blinds – POM Albercas Interior Enterprise Php 154,763.78 12/19/2020 Date of Project: 10-Dec-2020
16 Supply and Delivery of Acrylic Office Signages – POM AAT Arts and Signs Php 69,390.00 11/18/2020 Date of Project: 19-Nov-2020
17 Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies – POM Moianjo Enterprises Php 269,825.00 11/16/2020 Date of Project: 16-Nov-2020
18 Supply and Delivery of Computer Cartridge – POM Accessories and Supplies Depot, Inc. Php 318,750.00 10/15/2020 Date of Project: 29-Oct-2020
19 Supply and Delivery of Executive Chair – POM Peniton Trading Php 142,500.00 10/14/2020 Date of Project: 13-Oct-2020
20 Supply and Delivery of Smart Uninterrupted Power Supply – POM Automation Specialists and Power Exponents, Inc. Php 234,355.00 9/12/2020 Date of Project: 24-Sept-2020
21 Supply and Delivery of Drinking Water – POM JCVDC STREAM WATER REFILLING STATION Php 154,000.00 9/10/2020 Date of Project: 08/28/2020
22 Rental of 1 Motor Vehicle (Van) for the transportation of BOC personnel for the duration of ECQ extended until May 15, 2020. 2020. Revised and updated Purchase Order due to extension of the Enhance Community Quarantine. Q.S. VENTURES RENT A CAR Php 150,000.00 2020-009MTN Date of Project: 4/14/2020
23 Repair for 7 Comfort Rooms at the Sub-port of Mactan-Phase 1 GENCON MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES Php 60,821.35 2020-008MTN Date of Project: 3/30/2020
24 Supply and Delivery of Computer Printer Cartridge Ms. Bernadette U. Lim (PBT Technology Solutions Inc) Php 121,200.00 POM-003-2020 Date of Project: 03/04/2020

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